The city is already a continuum where there are no limits between what is altered by the action of man and the purely natural condition, which is already seen as a romantic image or memory. Everything has already been anthroponized through technology and logistics dynamics. In the new field of the biotechnology and genetics, in 30 years, there won’t be any difference between the natural world and the artificial world.1

There is a new general conviction that there must be a meeting between the human and the natural in a new ecosystem where everything affects everything2 and that meeting is taking place through nature as a medium and with technology as a tool.

The objective of this project is to create a series of 5 collage-images that represent and communicate a contemporary vision of living, reviewing the relationship between the person, the landscape and technology. (Ordesa, Tower of Babel , the Iceberg Condition).

The critical argument is that the landscape understood today is visited as a piece of archeology from a romantic position or point of view, since on the one hand it has already been studied, analyzed, dated, digitized, exploited and therefore has lost that initial natural condition. The approach and vision is now nostalgic, trying to reconstruct the idea of ​​primal nature landscape. The reconstruction of the natural condition will be carried out through technology.

In this case the metaphor transfers the nonstopcity and the supermonument to the supersurface and the supercontinuity of the technological grid.

1 Nicholas Negroponte.

2 Bruno Latour